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2 Inch Twin Caster with Brake

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AFC Medical Furniture – Best 2 Inches Caster for Smooth Mobility and Stability

Embark on a journey of enhanced mobility and stability with AFC’s Best 2 Inches Caster meticulously crafted by the leading name in medical furniture manufacturing. These casters stand as a testament to AFC’s commitment to delivering top-quality solutions for medical equipment and furniture.

The Best Twin 2″ Caster boasts a 2″ diameter double wheel design, paired with a threaded stem of ½” –13, ensuring a secure and reliable attachment to your medical equipment and furniture. Equipped with a brake mechanism, these casters offer not just mobility but also the control needed for precise positioning.

Designed to handle the demands of medical environments, these casters exhibit load capacities that underscore their robustness. With a static load capacity of 500 pounds each and a dynamic load capacity of 200 pounds each, they ensure stability and resilience even in the most demanding situations.

Durable construction lies at the core of these casters, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. The smooth-rolling feature enhances their functionality, allowing for seamless movement that is crucial in medical settings where precision and efficiency are paramount.

Best Twin 2″ Caster for Smooth Mobility and Stability

Whether you are navigating medical carts, mobile workstations, or other healthcare equipment, AFC’s Best Twin 2″ Caster becomes an indispensable component, facilitating smooth and controlled movement. These casters are a testament to AFC’s dedication to exceeding industry standards in practicality, functionality, and ergonomics.

Backed by AFC’s full product warranty, users can trust in the durability and performance of these casters. The brand’s commitment to delivering products that provide peace of mind and the highest return on investment is evident in every aspect of the Best Twin 2″ Caster. Elevate your medical environment with AFC’s innovative solutions, where mobility meets stability, and precision aligns with durability. Contact us for a free consultation with our knowledgeable ergonomic technical furniture specialists to explore how AFC’s casters can enhance the functionality of your medical equipment and furniture.


Heavy Duty 2″ Caster

This is a 2 inch diameter double plastic wheel caster with threaded stem with brake

Twin Caster with Brake

Twin Caster with Brake