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Desk Lamp Plus

  • Sku: 772720

Clamp On Desk Lamp Stand

Introducing the Clamp On Desk Lamp by AFC – a state-of-the-art clamp-on desk lamp that transcends traditional lighting solutions. This innovative lamp is designed to elevate your workspace with its dual adjustable LED cannon heads, offering both ambient light and personalized task lighting. The Desk Lamp Plus seamlessly combines functionality with futuristic design to provide an exceptional lighting experience.

One of the standout features of the Desk Lamp Plus is its dual LED cannon heads, each serving a specific purpose. The ambient light LED cannon head is strategically positioned to cast a wide and evenly distributed glow across your desktop, creating an ideal working environment without causing light spillage into surrounding areas. The separate personal task light cannon head offers targeted illumination for specific tasks, allowing users to focus on detailed work with precision.

The lamp’s flexible metal tubing allows for easy adjustment of the cannon heads, ensuring that you can direct the light exactly where you need it. This flexibility enhances the adaptability of the Desk Lamp Plus to various work scenarios, providing users with complete control over their lighting preferences.

Desk Lamp Stand by AFC

In addition to its functional prowess, the Desk Lamp Plus incorporates under-desk concealed smart wiring. This not only enhances the lamp’s aesthetic appeal but also contributes to preventing work accidents by keeping the wiring discreet and out of the way. The attention to safety and design details reflects AFC’s commitment to creating products that prioritize user well-being and satisfaction.

As with all AFC products, the Desk Lamp Plus adheres to the highest standards of practicality and functionality. Its sleek design, adjustable features, and dual cannon heads make it a standout solution for modern workspaces. AFC Industries guarantees top-quality furniture equipment, and the Desk Lamp Plus is no exception. Your investment is further secured with a full product warranty, providing peace of mind and confidence in the longevity and performance of your lighting solution.

In conclusion, the Desk Lamp Plus by AFC is not just a source of light – it’s a transformative desk accessory that enhances your workspace aesthetics and functionality. Trust AFC Industries for cutting-edge ergonomic furniture equipment that consistently exceeds expectations. Choose the Desk Lamp Plus for an unparalleled lighting experience, ensuring you get the highest return on your investment.

Adjustable Clamp On Desk Stand

  • Two LED Light Cannon Heads
  • Flexible Metal tubing for easy adjustments
  • Concealed smart wiring
  • Easy to install Clamp to desk feature
    • Height
    • 32″

 LED Lights

Clamp On Desk Lamp Two Lights


Table Lamp Stand

Clamp On Desk or Table Lamp Stand