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CPU Holder Cabinet Wall Mount

  • Model: CS909_18-5-18_V6
  • Sku: 771858

Wall Mount CPU Holder Ventilated Cabinet

Elevate the organization and security of your computer case with AFC’s Wall Mount Track CPU Cabinet, a specially designed solution tailored for medical environments. Our commitment to quality ensures a high-caliber holder that not only facilitates convenient access to your CPU. It also maximizes valuable floor space within your healthcare facility. The adjustable track system integrated into the design offers unparalleled flexibility. That is, in terms of positioning while guaranteeing stability, ensuring an efficient and ergonomic setup.

AFC, a leading brand in the medical furniture manufacturing industry, stands as a beacon of reliability and innovation. Our Wall Mount Track CPU Holder exemplifies our dedication to providing state-of-the-art solutions. Particularly in healthcare facilities seeking optimal functionality. By exploring our selection of Wall Mount Track CPU Cabinet, you open the door to a range of innovative products. Meticulously crafted to meet the unique demands of medical environments.

The sophisticated black CPU Holder from AFC serves as a stylish enhancement to your workspace. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this holder is thoughtfully designed with a strategically placed top opening. Ensuring effortless access to your CPU and its connections. AFC’s unwavering commitment to practicality and user-friendly design is discernible in every aspect of this product. The meticulous attention to detail reflects our dedication to seamlessly aligning your technological infrastructure with operational needs. Trust AFC for solutions that not only enhance the aesthetics of your workspace. But also prioritize functionality and ease of use, elevating your overall work experience.

In the pursuit of excellence, AFC invites you to experience the convenience and efficiency of our technology. Shop now to discover how AFC’s CPU Holder can transform your healthcare facility’s workspace. Providing a secure, organized, and space-saving solution. Trust AFC to be your partner in enhancing the efficiency and functionality of your medical environment.

Wall Mount CPU Ventilated Cabinet:

  • 18″x18″ square, 5″ deep; all 4 sides have air vents; multiple grommet holes and easy access to wiring and power; all metal construction; cam lock for security.
    • Height
    • 18″
    • Width
    • 18″
    • Depth
    • 5″

This Wall Mount CPU Holder Ventilated Cabinet is perfect for small work areas with a minimal projection.

The enclosure is designed with holes for ventilation purposes to quickly dissipate heat emanating from the CPU.


Cabinet with Flip Door

Wall Mounted CPU Cabinet with Flip Door


Wall Mounted CPU Cabinet with Door Lock

Wall Mounted CPU Cabinet with Door Lock