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Wall Mounted Keyboard Tray with Sliding Mouse Holder

  • Sku: 772465

Retractable Wall Mount Track Keyboard Tray

A metal anti-rust coated Retractable Wall Mount Track keyboard tray with a sliding mouse tray that can accommodate all sizes of computer keyboards. Its ergonomic design provides comfortable use as it has good space for the user’s hands to lean upon.

This ergonomic keyboard tray will help reduce computer users’ stress when operating the computer. This plastic computer keyboard tray has enough wide dimensions for the user to be able to place his hands comfortably while using the keyboard.

The Wall-mounted keyboard tray with sliding mouse holder is perfect for office environments and an easy solution to desktop clutter. Made from durable metal material.

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Wall Mount Track Keyboard and Mouse Tray Features:

  • Retractable mechanism for keyboard tray and mouse
  • Wall mounted design
  • Constructed with high-grade industrial materials
  • Left to right sliding mouse tray
  • Universal mouse holder included
  • The retractable tray can be stowed when not in use
  • Anti-microbial coatings for thorough disinfection
  • Space-saving design for tight office environments
  • Ergonomic design with flexibility and durability
    • Height
    • – 4.5 inches
    • Width
    • – 17.5 inches
    • Depth
    • – 12 to 19 inches


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Retractable Keyboard Tray with Mouse Holder

Retractable Keyboard Tray with Sliding Mouse Holder


With Sliding Mouse Tray

Wall Mounted Keyboard Tray with Sliding Mouse Tray