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Round Retractable Power Cord Reel

  • Sku: 772147

Retractable Electrical Power Cord Extension

Introducing AFC’s Retractable Electrical Power Cord Extension, a robust and reliable solution for all your power needs. With the capacity to accommodate up to 4 plugs and an impressive 25ft. power cable extension, this power strip is designed for convenience and versatility.

Equipped with 4 grounded outlets and a circuit breaker, this power strip ensures a safe and reliable power source for your devices. The Power ON indicator provides a visual cue, and the convenient carry handle adds a touch of portability to this powerhouse.

This heavy-duty power strip is more than just an extension – it features a built-in power surge protector. In the event of a power surge, the surge protector acts as a critical safety feature, preventing potential fires and protecting your electrical equipment from damage.

Whether you need to power additional devices in your workstation or require a reliable solution for various applications, AFC’s Heavy-Duty Power Strip is the answer. Its versatile design makes it a quick and easy solution for expanding your power capabilities.

At AFC, we pride ourselves on manufacturing top-quality ergonomic furniture equipment that exceeds industry standards for practicality and functionality. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our full product warranty, ensuring your investment is protected.

When it comes to selecting the ideal power solution for your needs, AFC is here to assist you. Our free consultation service, staffed by our knowledgeable and friendly ergonomic technical furniture equipment specialists, ensures you receive personalized guidance. We understand that choosing the right power strip is crucial for creating a safe, efficient, and organized workspace.

Our experts will take you through the available options, considering factors such as your specific requirements, workspace layout, and power needs. Whether you’re in need of a heavy-duty power strip with surge protection or any other power solution, we have innovative products designed to prioritize safety and efficiency.

Trust AFC’s commitment to delivering top-quality ergonomic furniture equipment that exceeds industry standards for practicality and functionality. Our consultation service is tailored to address your unique challenges and find solutions that provide peace of mind.

Contact us today and let AFC guide you towards the perfect power strip for your workspace, ensuring you receive the highest return on your investment.