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Cleanroom Mobile Workstation Double Monitor

  • Model: Double Monitor Workstation

Clean Room Cleanroom Mobile Workstation

Introducing AFC Industries’ Mobile Cleanroom Mobile Workstation with advanced sit-to-stand height adjustments at the touch of a button, setting a new standard in ergonomic design and functionality. Meticulously crafted, this robust cart is engineered to withstand rigorous cleanroom environments, ensuring uncompromising support and stability with its heavy-duty pneumatic legs.

This cutting-edge mobile cart offers a seamless transition between sitting and standing positions, promoting a healthier and more adaptable workspace. Its ergonomic features contribute to enhanced user comfort and productivity, providing the flexibility needed in dynamic work environments.

Designed with precision, the cart includes options for a single or dual monitor mount, allowing users to customize their visual setup for optimal efficiency. The ventilated and secure computer cabinet ensures the safety of sensitive equipment, while the built-in power strip and discrete wire-management ports contribute to a clutter-free and organized workspace.

The large flat desktop surface provides ample space for various tasks, making it an ideal solution for cleanroom applications where precision and efficiency are paramount. The smooth-rolling casters further enhance maneuverability, allowing users to effortlessly navigate the cart within the cleanroom environment.

Trust AFC Industries, a leader in ergonomic furniture manufacturing, to deliver top-quality solutions that exceed industry standards. Our products are backed by a full product warranty, ensuring peace of mind for our customers. Elevate your cleanroom experience with the Mobile Clean Room Cart – a fusion of durability, ergonomic design, and cutting-edge features. Contact us for a free consultation with our ergonomic technical furniture specialist to explore how our solutions can meet your unique needs.

Features & Benefits
* Height adjustable control buttons with memory presets
* Dual monitor display with manually adjustable height fixtures (VESA compliant)
* Over sized work surface
* Ventilated CPU enclosure
* Built-in power strip
* Bar-code scanner mount
* Robust pneumatic legs with smooth low-noise electronic height adjustments
* Double-wheeled 4” casters for easy maneuverability


Height-adjustable electronic controls 24″ – 47″ range

ISO Certifications – 14644-5-2015

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