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Wall Mounted Computer Station Cabinet

  • Model: IR100-050
  • Sku: 772122

This great value Energy-efficient Wall-mounted Computersis excellent for high traffic areas that require easy access to data, allowing quick access to any of your computer-related task or inquiries to maximize the use of internet resources or databases for quick references. Convenient for accessing in hospital hallways and industrial facilities. It is the perfect space-saving solution. Our best Energy-efficient Wall-mounted Computers

It features a long-lasting Plexiglass cover, flat-screen monitor bracket and folding keyboard tray which also serves as the computer cabinet locker. Designed especially for healthcare, office, and industrial environments.

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Wall Mount Computer Station Cabinet

  • Unit dimensions are 27 inch wide x 25.5 inch high x 6 inch deep
  • Removable front panel with Plexiglas insert makes for easy installations
  • Monitor plate splits in two and slides together for easy mounting
  • Bracket holds the thin client PC and has room for additional accessories
  • 8 inch deep x 20 inch long foldable keyboard shelf has a built in mouse tray
  • Grommet holes feeds directly into raceway cable management system to hide unsightly wiring
  • Available in several laminate colors to match any décor


  • 25.5 “
  • 27 “
  • 6 “

This affordable, energy-efficient wall-mounted computer is perfect for high-traffic locations where data access is needed quickly. It enables you to quickly access any computer-related job or query to make the most use of databases or online resources for rapid referencing. Easy to reach in industrial settings and hospital corridors. It’s the ideal way to save space. Our finest wall-mounted computers that use less energy

It has a sturdy Plexiglass top, a bracket for a flat-screen monitor, and a folding keyboard tray that doubles as a computer cabinet locker. specifically made for use in industrial, office, and healthcare settings.

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