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Spiral Cable Wrap

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Spiral Cable Manager to Organize Any Wire or Cable Groups


Introducing the AFC Industries Spiral Cable Manager (Model: WMF400A) – a versatile and flexible solution to efficiently organize wire and cable groups. This innovative cable management accessory is designed to provide a neat and organized appearance to your workspace, ensuring a clutter-free environment for enhanced productivity.

The WMF400A boasts exceptional flexibility, allowing it to be twisted and turned in various directions, adapting effortlessly to the layout of your cables. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for dynamic workspaces where cable organization is crucial for both aesthetics and functionality.

Manufactured by AFC Industries, a renowned name in top-quality furniture equipment, this spiral cable wrap reflects our commitment to exceeding standard expectations. Practicality, functionality, and ergonomics are at the core of our design philosophy, ensuring that our products meet the diverse needs of modern workplaces.

Our dedication to quality is reflected not only in the design of the Spiral Cable Wrap but also in the materials used for its construction. We prioritize durability to ensure a long product lifespan, giving our customers peace of mind and the highest return on their investment.

At AFC Industries, we understand the importance of tailored solutions for each workspace. That’s why we offer a free consultation with our helpful and friendly ergonomic technical furniture specialists. This allows us to understand your unique requirements and recommend the most suitable products to optimize your workspace.

Whether you’re setting up a new office, upgrading your existing workspace, or simply looking for efficient cable management solutions, the AFC Industries Spiral Cable Wrap (Model: WMF400A) stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, functionality, and customer satisfaction.

Enhance your workspace today with AFC Industries – your trusted partner in ergonomic furniture solutions. Contact us for a personalized consultation and discover how our products can elevate your workspace efficiency and organization. Choose AFC for innovative solutions that redefine the way you work.