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Slat Wall Monitor Arm

  • Sku: 772157

Heavy Duty Monitor Arm

Experience unparalleled flexibility and ergonomic comfort with AFC’s Heavy Duty Monitor Arm—an easy-to-install solution designed for seamless integration into any standard slat wall. Crafted with high-grade metal construction, this monitor arm showcases a durable and sturdy design, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Effortlessly transform your workspace by affixing the articulating monitor arm to a standard slat wall, offering a versatile and adjustable solution for optimizing your viewing experience. The articulating design allows for easy adjustments, enabling you to position your monitor at the perfect angle for enhanced comfort and productivity.

AFC’s commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulous construction of this monitor arm. By exceeding industry standards in practicality, functionality, and ergonomics, AFC ensures that its products are not just accessories but integral components that elevate your workspace.

Backed by a full product warranty, the Articulating Monitor Arm embodies AFC’s dedication to providing top-quality furniture equipment that stands the test of time. The brand’s focus on customer satisfaction ensures that every investment in AFC products yields the highest return, giving users peace of mind about the durability and performance of their ergonomic solutions.

Elevate your workspace with AFC’s Articulating Monitor Arm, where innovation meets reliability. Contact us for a free consultation with our ergonomic technical furniture specialists to explore how this monitor arm can enhance your workspace functionality and contribute to a more comfortable and productive work environment. Trust AFC to deliver solutions that go beyond expectations, providing practical and ergonomic solutions for modern workspaces.

Ergonomic Monitor Arm Features

  • Standard accessory added to slat wall
  • Adjustable arm mount
  • Pan and tilt positions
  • Made from durable steel material
  • Space saving design for tight office environments
  • Ergonomic design with flexibility and durability
    • Height
    • – 5.8 inches
    • Width
    • – 4.4 inches
    • Depth
    • – 5.1 inches

Contact us for a free consultation with our helpful and friendly ergonomic technical furniture specialist.

Slat Wall Mount

display monitor slat wall mount



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