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Mobile Thermal Imaging Cart and laptop PC shelf

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Mobile Thermal Imaging Cart with laptop shelf

Introducing AFC’s Mobile Thermal Imaging Cart – a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline hands-free temperature screening processes. This versatile cart is engineered for optimal performance, providing a reliable platform for thermal imaging cameras, tablets, and laptops. With a focus on lightweight construction and sturdy functionality, this cart is an essential tool for accurate and efficient temperature monitoring.

The Mobile Thermal Imaging Camera Cart boasts a lightweight yet robust base, ensuring stability during operation. The innovative design allows for a 360-degree lockable tilt, providing flexibility in device positioning. Additionally, the cart features two axes of 360-degree rotation, enabling infinitely adjustable positioning for thermal imaging cameras, tablets, and laptops. This level of customization ensures accurate and reliable thermal data capture in various settings.

Key features of the cart include a pole-mounted monitor mount, a laptop shelf with a sliding mouse tray, and a stable centralized pole with wire management channels. The monitor mount facilitates easy positioning of screens, while the laptop shelf offers a convenient platform for additional devices. The sliding mouse tray enhances user convenience, providing a seamless experience during operation.

Thermal Imaging Cart and laptop PC shelf

One of the standout features of this cart is its mobility. Designed for easy movement from room to room, the cart can be adjusted to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers. This adaptability ensures that temperature screening processes can be efficiently carried out in diverse environments.

As with all AFC products, the Mobile Thermal Imaging Camera Cart is crafted with top-quality materials, exceeding industry standards for practicality, functionality, and ergonomics. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the full product warranty, providing our customers with confidence in the durability and performance of this advanced solution.

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