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Mobile cart medical gloves dispenser

  • Sku: 772819

AFC Medical Furniture – Mobile Cart Medical Gloves Dispenser for Convenient Healthcare Settings

Get the ‘AFC‘ Mobile Cart Medical Gloves Dispenser – A must-have accessory for healthcare professionals. This mobile cart is designed to provide quick and easy access to medical gloves, ensuring hygiene and efficiency in any medical setting.

  • Wire-frame metal dispenser attachment
  • Universal fits all
  • Durable steel material
  • Clamp on manual adjustments
  • Anti-microbial coatings for thorough disinfection
  • Space saving design for tight office environments
  • Ergonomic design with flexibility and durability
  • Height: 4″
  • Width: 9.5″

Universal surgical glove box dispenser

Introducing AFC’s Universal Surgical Glove Box Dispenser, a cutting-edge accessory attachment designed for seamless integration with mobile carts. This dispenser is a versatile solution. Fitting existing carts with a straightforward pole bracket that can be manually adjusted to achieve the ideal height. Crafted from high-grade steel, this accessory. Ensures longevity and durability while maintaining a hygienic environment as it can be easily cleaned.

The Surgical Glove Box Dispenser is a testament to AFC’s commitment to exceeding industry standards in practicality, functionality, and ergonomics. Our dedication to quality is reflected in every aspect of this accessory, from its innovative design to the use of premium materials. AFC takes pride in manufacturing top-quality furniture equipment that not only meets but surpasses customer expectations.

Backed by a comprehensive product warranty, AFC provides assurance to our customers. Ensuring that their investment in our products results in the highest returns. We prioritize delivering peace of mind. Allowing our customers to focus on their essential tasks in medical settings where efficiency and hygiene are paramount.

Experience the AFC difference in furniture equipment that not only enhances functionality but also contributes to a seamless and organized workspace. Contact us today to explore the wide range of possibilities and discover how our innovative solutions can elevate the efficiency of your medical carts. It contributes to the overall success of your operations.

Contact us for a free consultation with our helpful and friendly ergonomic technical furniture specialist.