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Office Cubicle Dividers Modern and Modular

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AFC Medical Furniture – Modern and Modular Office Cubicle Dividers for Enhanced Workspace Privacy and Flexibility

Transform your office with AFC’s Modern and Modular Office Cubicle Dividers. These premium dividers from the trusted medical furniture brand ‘AFC’ offer privacy, organization, and flexibility to create a productive workspace.


  • 1 thick sound absorbing fiber with reflector on one side
  • Cold rolled 11-gauge steel frame with epoxy-powder-coated finish
  • Prevents light interference
  • Can be used as a tack board
  • Multiple colors available
  • 1/4 thick free standing base
  • Height: 60″ – 72″
  • Width: 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″

Freestanding Cubicle Dividers

Step into the future of office design with AFC’s Modern Office Cubicle Partition Wall, meticulously crafted with a combination of sound-absorbing materials, a robust metal frame, and a sturdy standing base. This contemporary solution redefines the workspace, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

The modular design of this office cubicle partition wall is a testament to its adaptability. Installing and scaling becomes a hassle-free process, allowing for seamless customization and reconfiguration to suit evolving office needs. Whether you’re creating individual workspaces, collaborative zones, or private offices, the flexibility of this partition wall ensures that your office layout can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Sound-absorbing materials integrated into the design contribute to a quieter and more focused work environment. This innovative approach minimizes distractions and enhances concentration, creating an atmosphere conducive to productivity and well-being. The durable metal frame and sturdy standing base ensure longevity, guaranteeing that this partition wall is not just a contemporary addition but a lasting investment.

Perfect for modern office cubicle divisions, this partition wall goes beyond the conventional, offering privacy with a touch of sophistication. Its re-scalable and customizable features empower businesses to adapt their workspace as their needs evolve, fostering an environment that seamlessly aligns with the dynamics of a modern workplace.

Elevate your office with AFC’s commitment to top-quality furniture that exceeds industry standards. We prioritize practicality, functionality, and ergonomic excellence, ensuring that our products provide a tangible return on investment. Contact us to explore the myriad possibilities and transform your office into a space that inspire

Optional sizes are available.

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