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AFC Ergonomic Computer Keyboard and Mouse Tray – Optimize Comfort and Efficiency in Medical Workstations

Revolutionize your medical workspace organization with AFC‘s Computer Keyboard and Mouse Tray, a versatile and secure solution designed explicitly for medical furniture. As a trusted brand in the medical furniture manufacturing industry, AFC presents a sleek and space-saving holder that ensures your devices are not only well-organized but also easily accessible, streamlining workflow and enhancing overall efficiency.

Constructed from durable metal, this Thin-Client PC or Rechargeable Battery Power Pack Holder offers a robust and secure mount for your devices. The adjustable screw locking mechanism is a standout feature, allowing the holder to accommodate various widths, providing a secure grip for different-sized devices. Whether you need to store a thin-client PC or a rechargeable battery power pack, this holder is engineered to meet the diverse needs of your medical workspace.

The versatility of this holder is evident in its ability to accommodate Thin-Client Mini PCs and Power Bank Battery Packs. It’s a perfect solution for medical professionals who require quick and easy access to their devices while working with patients or moving from one part of the facility to another. The sleek design and space-saving nature of this holder make it an essential addition to any medical setting where efficiency and organization are paramount.

Designed with adaptability in mind, this Thin-Client PC or Power Bank Battery Holder can be mounted to various configurations, including pole carts, mobile carts, and wall-mounted track systems. This flexibility ensures that it seamlessly integrates into different medical environments, providing a customizable solution for your specific workspace needs.

You have the option to choose between black or white anti-microbial paint finishes, underlining AFC’s commitment to hygiene and cleanliness in medical settings. The anti-microbial finish adds an extra layer of protection, promoting a sanitary environment and contributing to infection control measures.

Optimize Comfort and Efficiency in Medical Workstations

The Thin-Client PC or Rechargeable Battery Power Pack Holder is not only functional but also aesthetically discreet. VESA-compliant for mounting to the rear of monitors, it allows for discrete access while maintaining a clean and uncluttered workspace.

Upgrade your medical workspace organization with AFC’s Thin-Client PC or Rechargeable Battery Power Pack Holder. Trust in a brand that prioritizes innovation, quality, and user-centric design. This holder is a testament to AFC’s commitment to providing solutions that enhance the efficiency and functionality of medical workspaces. Transform your medical facility with this versatile and secure device holder, ensuring that your devices are readily accessible, well-organized, and contributing to a streamlined workflow.

Please note: This does not include Mini PC computers and/or Power Bank Battery packs.